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Comprehensive Training Solutions Develop True Teams

F&I continues to be incredibly important to the solvency of dealerships.  But, much like the front end gross over the years the F&I dept is under siege on many fronts. Whether it’s the bank making reserve less and less each passing year or the CFPB trying to put pressure on banks to regulate product pricing.  Not to mention Carvana and other online competitors. We feel that F&I is more important and valuable than ever and can be a supreme profit leader in your store. 

US Dealer Development’s 3-Step Approach Ensures Effective Training and Results:


Training with US Dealer Development will create: 

• Increased sales

• Increased closing ratios on existing traffic

• Better lead management,

• More 5-star ratings on third-party platforms

• Higher CSI scores,

• More immediate referrals (more of the best leads possible)

STEP 1 — Accurate Assessment of Current Proficiency

We work with your F&I and Sales Managers to measure and observe the current scene.  We gather the real data and make sure it’s accurate.  Together we agree on goals that are approved by ownership and get real buy-in to achieve them.  We track all the numbers and drill down to isolate opportunities that often go unnoticed.  We work on those opportunities in conjunction with the sales team and create a trackable process that holds people accountable and rewards those that achieve more.

STEP 2 — Career Coaching and In-Dealership Instruction

We work with all levels of F&I experience and tailor a program for each individual F&I Manager.  No cookie cutter, one-size-fits-all training! Everyone is measured to see where they are now, then a plan and schedule is put in place to move them toward the goals we set. Based on these needs, individual coaching is done as often as necessary.

STEP 3 — Accountability Based on "Game Film" Review

Monthly meetings are run that recap the progress of what has been done during the month and the achievement of goals. In the meeting processes are measured for accountability. Overall and individual PVR is reviewed and drilled down as well as Product penetration. We look at the numbers in a unique way that allows us to drill deep down to see more opportunities and where there was improvement.

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