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Limited Warranties

Complies with State Warranty Regulations for short-term required warranty coverage.

GAP Protection

GAP Insurance is vital to protecting your customers if their car is stolen or damaged beyond repair, and the car’s cash value is less than the amount owed. This insurance covers that “gap” in funds so your customer is not out-of-pocket.

Bundle Programs

Customize your own multi-coverage program!

• Tire & Wheel Road Hazard
• Cosmetic Wheel Repair
• Dent Repair
• Windshield Repair
• Key Replacement
• Roadside Assistance

Vehicle Service Contract

Meant as a shield for the consumer to protect against expensive and unforeseen repairs, a Vehicle Service Contract (VSC) covers costs related to repairs such as parts, labor, sales tax, and post-manufacturer warrantee repairs and replacements.

Lease Wear & Tear Program

These policies allow for coverage at the end of the lease to pay charges for excess wear and tear lease-end damages. It is also available as a Service Contract that allows repairs to be made during the course of the lease rather than at lease end.

Anti-Theft Protection

Vehicle body panels are labeled with a traceable identification number using UV stickers. These labels, easily viewed under ultraviolet light, cannot be removed without leaving behind an imprint, making this a preferred theft-deterrent method. In addition we offer a warranty that delivers benefits in the case of non-recovery of a stolen vehicle, or if the vehicle is deemed a total loss.

Tire & Wheel Road Hazard

Absent from most insurance coverage, this protection covers damage to customer’s wheels and tires due to road hazards. Items typically covered include tire repair and replacement, bent wheel repair, mounting and balancing, along with emergency roadside assistance.

Key Replacement

Pays to replace keys which are lost, stolen or damaged. State-specific coverage.

High Milage / Older Vehicle Program

Coverage on any make or model (even highline) going back for up to 20 years, or 200,000 miles.

Paintless Dent Repair

Pays for dents caused by dings, creases and damages from rocks, hail, etc. We use special rods for repair and the “push to paint” technique, eliminating need for matching paint.

Appearance Repair Program

Covers repairs for damage to exterior/interior of vehicle due to acid rain, hard water stains, bugs, bird droppings, loss of gloss, car washes, etc., and also interior rips, tears, burns, stains and spills, etc.

Windshield Replacement

Windshield cracks occurring due to rocks, weather, etc. are a hazard to your customers. Coverage pays to repair or replace windshield due to damage.
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Dealership Insurance

Whether you need fleet vehicle insurance or renters insurance, we partner with strongly rated, financially sound specialty insurance companies who have the expertise and knowledge to create the best solutions to fit your needs.

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