Focus on Customer Retention — The Key to Long-Term Success!

Keep Your Customers Happy, and Keep Them Coming Back!

In today’s competitive marketplace, we understand the importance of Customer Retention and our products are designed to do just that. US Dealer Development provides products that drive customers back to the dealership to create long term happy customers. The following items are just some of the ways we create a customer base which comes back to your store over and over. 

Pre-Paid Maintenance

This is used to track your customers’ service visits and remind them to come in to have scheduled maintenance performed regularly.

Lifetime Powertrain

Increase customers’ incentive to return with Lifetime Powertrain Warranties for customers that perform all of their scheduled maintenance at your dealership.

VSC 40 Mile Tie-Back

All of our VSCs have a 40 mile tie-back — this means that any customer will automatically be brought back to your dealership if they break down or have any issue within 40 miles of your store, even if they go to any competitor within 40 miles.

Apex GPS Device

This updated GPS Device allows for communication from your vehicle to your customer and service department. Get up-to-the-second updates from the vehicle so you can be proactive in getting that vehicle back to your service department.

Key Fetch

A unique program designed to help get lost keys send back to your dealership. This provides additional branding for your dealership and gives additional value to the customer.  Keys are returned to your dealership or at safe spots set up by key fetch.

Put Your Dealership on the Road to Success!