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Start realizing the profits you deserve. US Dealer Development Reinsurance Programs put the cash in your pocket — not a third party’s.

Reinsurance is the ability for participants to share in the underwriting profits and investment income generated by the sale of F & I products.

We believe every dealer has a right to participation.  These are your customers and we make the products yours as well! this puts you in control of the customer experience. You will be able to fully participate on the underwriting profits and maintain authority over claims. This allows you to override a claim and take care of your customer.

We set up your Reinsurance for you. We go over each step of the process as we go.  We will have quarterly reviews and isolate areas of opportunity in your book of business and head off problems promptly.

Put Your Dealership on the Road to Success!


MYTH #1: Reinsurance companies are not generally accepted by the IRS
Fact: The IRS has specific sections of the tax code for the purpose of regulating Reinsurance Providers. (See IRC Section 831b election)
MYTH #2: Larger dealers must elect a non-controlled foreign corporation for their reinsurance company formation
Fact: The IRS has recently increased the annual written premium limit from 1.2 million to 2.2 million, allowing larger dealerships to make the 831 election.
MYTH #3: Reinsurance companies are expensive to form and require extensive capital contributions
Fact: Most reinsurance company formations are capitalized through their initial contract sales and formation / accounting expenses are usually around $3,500 per year